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Print  Artist


Born in Montreal in 1978, Olivier Marchand, since his childhood, has devoted his free time to learn and practice art in various forms.



After completing his studies in film animation at Concordia University in 2004, he was hired by a video game company in Montreal, where he still works today. In addition of his love for animation, screen printing has become a passion for him, taking more and more time in his life. He recently became a member of the Graff Studio founded in Montreal in 1966 by the artist Pierre Ayot (1943-1995). Created during Québec’s Quiet Revolution, Atelier Graff has the distinction of being one of Canada’s first artist-run centres.


Olivier’s work can be described as a screen printed digital collages with a clear outlined design, tinted with industrial and "old school" styles.



Shipping  &  Prices


All prints are originals that are hand pulled / printed on quality paper, signed and numbered, made only for screen -printing and not a copy of another of his work. Bear in mind that because of the hand printing technique used, each one is slightly different from the other. The beauty of screen-printing is in the uniqueness of each print, the minor “imperfections” that don’t make them feel mass produced.


All prints are carefully stored flat, then rolled into a tube for shipping. 

We ship with Canada Post as soon as possible after receiving your full payment, which is usually the day after. If you need an Express Service / insurance, please contact Olivier by email and we will try to accommodate as best as we can. Local pick up in Montreal is also possible.



All items are sold through PayPal, which allows anyone to pay securely. Shipping is also automatically calculated upon check out. In an effort to make art affordable, we try to offer quality work at a reasonable price.


Please contact us if you have any special shipping requests, questions or concerns.


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