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Robert Robert - Pastel

Robert Robert - Pastel

When Robert Robert approached me to make a screen print for his new album Pastel I say yes right away! He gave me pretty much carte blanche to work. Inspiration came from his music and visual already produced for album cover.

Rooting itself in classical R&B, Robert Robert traffics the jazz sonority with a heavy hip-hop beat, all the while never forgetting his love for electro. Robert Robert invites the listener to travel through a contemporary take on the 80's and the 90's. Robert Robert push the eclectic envelope of instrumental arrangements, fusing electronic production with the more traditional and analogue sound of keyboards and synths.

Born and raised in cosmopolitan Montreal, one can easily understand the international influences of robert Robert's sound.
  • Details

    ARTIST: Olivier Marchand
    ART WORK NAME: Robert Robert - Pastel
    PAPER SIZE: 13" X 20"
    PAPER TYPE: archival standards 200 gsm
    EDITION: 48 prints
    MEDIUM: Hand pull screen printing
    COLORS: 4
    Year of production: 2014
    Signed & Numbered

    * sold out
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