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Discover Sébastien Féraut aka: Niark1

I stumble upon on Niark1 aka: Sébastien Féraut work just recently and find it very inspiring. He is a French graphic designer and artist based in Paris. Both comfortable under a computer and with brushes and pens in his hand, he has succeeded in imposing his crazy universe, populated by strange, colorful creatures and geometric, mysterious shapes. He has worked for prestigious international clients and made exhibitions all over the world. His work can also be found in several international magazines and books about graphics and art.

You can buy his screen-print or his original work HERE.

I put together my favorite one in this post. Enjoy!

Sébastien Féraut also collaborated with Woodkid on the creation of the visuals (video animations) for the Pharrell Williamsshow at the last edition of the Coachella festival !

Here some pics of the show. It great!

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