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Queen Kong: Sexiste Or Feminist Art Work?

I received some criticism when Queen Kong was released! Some people thought the topic was a bit sexist because a PinUp was depicted on the image. It's cool, I respect this opinion! Recently, I received a letter from a person who’s view on the suject was the opposite. I find it very interesting so I thought to share it with you!


« Not trying to be rude here or undermine your creative license. Just interested in engaging in an intellectual discussion about your piece.

My understanding of King Kong is that KK was totally misunderstood by everyone but the "beauty". He is exploited for shock value and in an attempt to escape his captors is brutally murdered.

Following this train of thought Queen Kong is a very feminist work. It puts the woman in a sympathetic place with the viewer. She is dehumanized, and exploited, like King Kong, just because of the way she looks. In this way it isn't at all about beauty and the seductive power of women. But rather how ones appearance can affect how people treat them.

{…} »

Thanks for your letter!!


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